Our sponsors

RubyConf is such a fun, memorable event in large part due to our fantastic sponsors and supporters. If you're interested in joining this dynamic group of organizations that help make RubyConf great, please take a look at our Sponsorship Prospectus and then shoot us over an email at rubyconf@rubycentral.org.

Diamond Sponsors

DigitalOcean is on a mission to simplify the complexity of web infrastructure. We’re committed to building cutting edge products that are robust and reliable, yet maintain our signature simplicity and facilitate innovation. We’re excited to see what the next generation of businesses and developers build on top of our cloud in 2017.

Gold Sponsors

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service that is reinventing the retail industry with innovative technology. We’re a Ruby-centric, full-stack startup creating unique solutions in data-driven merchandising, massively scaled personal styling, and complex logistics. We are hiring first-class engineers to make it happen.

We value very lightweight planning, continuous deployment, little tech debt, and engineers having a strong voice in driving product decisions. Our main apps are built with Rails 4, but we use as much pure Ruby as possible to tie it all together. We have offices in San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Austin, and like remote engineers too.

Heroku, a Salesforce company and industry pioneer in platform as a service (PaaS), enables developers to build and run applications entirely in the cloud, without the need to purchase or maintain any servers or software. Over 5 million apps, including ones from Macy’s, Product Hunt and Citrix run on Heroku. With support for the most popular languages such as Ruby and Node.js, a high-scale data services including Postgres and Redis, and an add-ons ecosystem featuring over 150 cloud application services, Heroku provides companies from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises with a faster and more effective way to create, deploy and manage apps.

Sqreen gives your webapp security superpowers. With sqreen your app can now block attacks in real time, and detect suspicious or fraudulent users inside your app. You get the full context of each attack, stacktraces of vulnerable code, and analyses of patterns of malicious behavior. Sqreen installs easily as a standard dependency, and requires no configuration or maintenance. No false positives, no alert fatigue.

Sqreen gets installed in 30 seconds and doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance.