RubyConf Denver

November 8-10, 2021

Preparing for RubyConf!

Attending RubyConf 2020? Below is all the information you'll need to prep for the virtual experience.

Have questions on something that isn't answered here? Email us or ask in the #_rc_questions-for-the-staff Slack channel.


Go here to find out what's happening each day. As a reminder, the schedule is shown in Central Time, so keep that in mind when adjusting for your time zone. Each day’s schedule will also be posted in the #_rc_daily-schedule Slack channel.


Keynotes and talks will all be on the Crowdcast platform. We've included those links below, and all registrants should have now received an email confirmation from Crowdcast, granting you access to sessions without having to buy a new ticket. If you have registered but the below links don't work for you, email us.

When you access Crowdcast, please sign in with the same email address you used to register for RubyConf; otherwise, you'll be asked to buy a new ticket. If you encounter any issues, let us know!

Engagement Session and Workshop registration links were emailed out to conference registrants, and can also be found in the conference Slack in the #_rc_daily-schedule channel. If you are attending an Engagment Session, please be sure to check out this packing list for items to prep and have on hand ahead of time!

Session Links (active on Nov 16)

Day 1 - Tue, Nov 17:

Day 2 - Wed, Nov 18:

Day 3 - Thu, Nov 19:


Talks in Crowdcast have either been pre-recorded or are happening live. When they're pre-recorded, they will automatically have captions on the screen. For live talks, we'll provide a link in each talk that you can click to see live captions open in a separate window.


All pre-registered attendees have now received an invite to the official Slack for RubyConf 2020. If you registered for the conference before Mon, Nov 16, but have not received this invite, please let us know. If you registered after Mon, Nov 16, we will be attempt to add registrants to the conference Slack as soon as we can; we appreciate your patience. You will see a number of official channels that we have created and will be monitoring, which all have this designator at the start: “_rc_”.

Public Channels

Please feel free to join any public channel you’d like, but you will be automatically added to these four channels too:

  • _rc_daily-schedule: this is your one-stop shop to find the schedule for the day, along with their times, and their access or registration links (same as above).
    TIP Please don’t chat in this channel, as it’s meant to be an informational tool only for your fellow attendees.
  • _rc_open-chat: this is the best place to have random or general conversation with your fellow attendees! If conversation doesn’t fit into any of the other channels about specific talks or sessions or topics, you can put it here!
    TIP Please try to remember to use Slack threads to chat about specific topics with small groups, so that the overall chat doesn’t get overtaken and clogged.
  • _rc_questions-for-the-staff: here’s where you can put any questions for the @organizers — tagging that user group will notify all of us at once, but even without the tag, if you put questions in here, we will see and respond to your query as soon as we can!
    TIP this channel is public. If you’d like to contact conference organizers privately, you can @organizers to ask us to DM you or you can DM anyone listed as being in the Organizer user group.
  • _rc_sponsors: this is the channel for chatting with Sponsors, and will be where all Sponsored Slack Chats listed on the schedule will be taking place.
    TIP This channel is public and includes ALL our Sponsors. Specific topics are covered during the scheduled times, so during a Slack Chat, please refrain from off-topic commenting. Have a specific question for a Sponsor? Ask in the channel and we’ll do our best to get you connected to the right person.


We will be monitoring Slack during conference hours (schedule here) only. While the Slack will still be accessible during “off-hours,” it is not being actively monitored, and any requests or reports given during those hours will not necessarily be responded to until conference hours start up again.

Please note: all official Slack monitors have red-tinted pictures.

Attendees all have the ability to create your own Slack channels if you wish; however, please make sure to not put “_rc_” at the start, clearly indicating which channels are not officially created and monitored. As always, EVERYTHING in the Slack channel, including DMs, is subject to the RubyConf 2020 Anti-Harassment Policy. Please familiarize yourself with this policy before you join us.

Attendee Tips & Tricks

We’ve compiled a list of Attendee Tips & Tricks for you to review here!


Virtual Events

Interested in having an unofficial event during the days or evenings of RubyConf? Check out these tips first!


Keep an eye out for our RubyConf 2020 Ambassadors, who are folks in our community who have volunteered to host activities, be welcoming presences in Slack, and generally bring a #RubyFriends joie de vivre to our first virtual conference.

Want to get plugged in immediately about fun stuff going on? Find one of these folks in Slack:

  • Ben Greenberg
  • Betsy Haibel
  • Chris Sexton
  • Jonan Scheffler
  • Hilary Stohs-Krause
  • Mina Slater